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Regolamento - Condizioni Generali di Prenotazione e Soggiorno.

General Conditions of Booking and Living.

1) On the day of arrival your room will be made available at 14.00. and the day of departure must be vacated by 10.00

2) The rates given are total VAT and service, exclusive of Tax. For the treatment of full board and half board, restaurant service is provided in the following measure: Half Board 1st Breakfast Lunch or Dinner Full Board 1st Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Mealtimes 1st Breakfast 08.00 - 10.00 Lunch from 12.30 to 13.30 Dinner from 19.30 to 20.30 Are included in the price of the item on the menu of the day which consists of three choices.

3) The payment must be made as follows: A deposit equal to 30% of: Send within 5 days. by bank transfer to: BANK CRAS Agency CECINA Li: Nominee: GEST.COM.TUR. S.R.L. IBAN IT22 A088 8570 6900 0000 0240 022. (We do not accept payments by check, unless authorized by Direnzione. For payments with credit cards are not granted any sort of facilities);
4) In the event of cancellation, if the cancellation is made within 30 (thirty) days from the date it starts with communication by letter or telegram, this will entitle the customer to a refund of the deposit. Otherwise, the client shall forfeit the sum to be forfeited.

5) If the customer delays the arrival or early departure than when agreed with this agreement, this will imply the payment of the cost of the room, exclusive of VAT according to the official price list of not taking into account discounts or offers made.

6) To respect the rules of Public Security and tax matters. is prohibited accommodate people in the room not in our records, any exception must be notified in advance to this direction. providing, if necessary for the payment of the amount due.

7) Any waiver of one or more meals does not give right to any refund. a replacement will be provided a packed lunch, after informing the management of the Hotel within 9.00 hours.

8) All the extras that will be provided to the client can expect counted according to our price list and will be charged to the final bill. The services used at the Bar, for tax reasons, have to be adjusted at the time.

9) The management is not responsible for valuables left unattended. In this regard, it is recalled that there is a service of safety box in reception.

10) It is forbidden to take to the beach this in the laundry room.

11) It is forbidden to hang the laundry on the windows. In this regard it should be noted that there is a space inside the hotel.

12) To comply with fire regulations it is forbidden to use in the rooms stove flame or electric heaters to save any kind, no smoking.

13) If, in the local housing data is ricontrare were caused by negligence. the amount thereof will be charged to your account.

SERVICE INCLUDING Use of bicycles beach service and parking are not included in the price Regulations -

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